Tuesday, 29 October 2013

...More Shopping! New Shoes!

 Recently my shopping addiction has been getting worse! I officially have a problematic shoe addiction! But my two new pieces are definitely critical additions to my shoe closet, perfect for work and play! With clothing being much more accessible these days through large retailers (such as H&M, Forever XII, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, etc) good shoes and accessories can certainly solidify your style credibility.

Among my new additions is a pair of burgundy Prada Monk straps, certainly perfect for work. Recently, I have been in love with monk straps! They instantly add a touch of je ne sai quoi. While being so unique, they are still extremely versatile with all my dress clothes! Since I can only wear basic colours of suits and shirts, my shoes definitely keep it interesting.

My second purchase was a pair of green suede iconic Gucci Horse bit Loafers, perfect for play. They are definitely one of my favourite shoes! They are that perfect pop of colour with any outfit and I love the history behind the horse bit.

Are you guys excited about any new purchases?