Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Stampede 2012

My Outfit: Shirt, Club Monaco | T-Shirt, Diesel | Glasses, Versace | Watch, Fossil | Jeans, Hugo Boss |
My Sisters Outfit: Shirt, Scarlet | Jeans, Club Monaco | Bag, Kathy Van Zealand | Earrings, Ring and, Bracelet, Le Chateau | Glass Bracelets, from Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore | Sunglasses, Ralph Lauren |

The 100th Calgary Stampede was everything it claimed to be and everything I had anticipated it to be: "the greatest outdoor show on earth". So I know I don't post many personal pictures on my blog, which might be changing in the next while, but heres snaps of me and my sisters adventures at the 100th Stampede. We got up bright and early and were on the grounds at 7 am to make sure we got the full experience. We started our day off with a breakfast of delectable midway food: fried oreos, donuts, lemonade, and Mackays ice cream. Super healthy I know! We moved on to strolling the grounds and taking to our first ride of the day, the west jet skyride. After this we ventured inside, and out of the baking sun. It was 10 and the temperature at the grounds already felt like 30 degrees, not to say I don't like warm weather I love the heat but other people complaining about it is annoying. We entered the roundup centre checking out quarky little stalls of jewelry, body tattoos, flip-flops etc. We also checked out the western oasis and posed with western living statues (sorry no pictures of this portion of our day as we forgot our camera and got it later in the day.  After this we stepped out into the lovely sun I was pleasantly surprised as it felt like 40 degrees, reminded me of Pakistan. We took to some more rides, ate more junk food and, took in a trampoline show, they were amazing! We then decided to leave the Stampede to check out stephen avenue (a lovely street in the centre of calgary perfect for dining and shopping), the core (my shopping haven), the new Devonian gardens (indoor botanical gardens that closed for a 25 million dollar renovation), and Holt Renfrew (our favourite shopping destination). After an amazing afternoon of shopping and roaming me and my sister hopped on the c-train and headed back to the Stampede. After even more rides and junk food we checked out a spectacular high energy show from Recycled Percussion (finalists on Americas Got Talent and headliners at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas). About this time my parents joined us and we took in a show from the Stampede Show Band, a spectacular performance of music and dance! After this we returned to see Recycled Percussion's evening show and the finale show with an amazing display of fire, lights, and fireworks!  After this me and my sisters took to the midway, which was blinking uncontrollably with every colour of the rainbow. My sister and I took to the rides and games forcing our mother to join us! At about 2 am we gave out and took the c-train to our parking spot. It was a beautiful day made even better by the family that surrounded me.