Monday, 9 July 2012

Heat Wave

Summer seems to be in full force as Calgary's weather soars into the 30's! The heat has been relentless and there have been power outages, due to soaring demand, lasting for almost 7 hours in some parts of the city! The blackouts and fiery temperatures have brought back sweet memories of my stay in Pakistan. I remember when at a relatives house in Lahore our whole roads electricity went out, due to a broken wire or mechanism, on a July evening. We ran out on power supply's in our batteries and UPS devices and the generator broke leaving us in a 35 degree night with one fan, powered by a small emergency generator, in a house of 12 people. The house was so warm without any air-conditioning and fans we knew their was no way we could sleep let alone sit in the heat, with repair time estimations of over 16 hours. We all got in our PJ's and took our sheets and pillows to the roof. In Pakistan roofs are commonly open spaces such as patio's. We took out "Manji's" (straw beds or loungers) and all laid in the moonlit/candlelit night with the breeze of one fan. We hardly noticed the heat as the whole family spent the night telling stories, talking, and playing shannanigans. The night was magical and I wouldn't trade it for a night in a 5-star hotel. I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter what the world throws at one we always have the opportunity to turn it around into something magical.

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Hair, Makeup, Styling & Photography: Guddu & Shani (360 degrees)
 Model: Ayyan
 Designer: Mohsin Ali
 Published in : DIVA 100TH ISSUE