Friday, 30 March 2012

The Quintessential Renaissance Man

Todays been serene and peaceful. The sun is dim behind a haze of clouds and the wind seem's to flow through one. Something attributing to today being peaceful is that I am keeping to myself trying to catch up on my readings for my first year english class. One of the books I have a privilege of reading start to end today is The Great Gatsby, by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Jay Gatsby is one of my favourite protagonists; the perfect host, desperate to upkeep a appearance, and always motivated to progress. Even though many of these qualities may have attributed to his downfall, one still seems to be awed and confused by the mystery of what went on in his head. Gatsby could be described as aspiring towards being the quintessential 'Renaissance Man' or perfect gentleman. Many men today, including me, aspire to be the perfect urban gentleman/'Renaissance man'. One of the biggest things that makes a gentleman is his appearance, so today I'm trying to dress it up like Chuck Bass or Gatsby. I love dressing up like this often. I love the confused looks I get as to why I am suited and booted for class or the library. Once I even heard someone remark "Why does he dress like that, is he from London!" only to have the someones friend remark "I'm from London have you ever seen me to dress up like that for school". Nevertheless I love dressing up as a 'Renaissance Man'. The editorial displayed here is great, it shows how the perfect 'Renaissance Man' (with an unlimited budget) would dress. Enjoy!

Tom Ford silk robe, $3,890, velvet bow tie, $220, eyeglasses, $380, and silk pocket square, $140; Isaia wool-and-elastic, made-to-measure plaid pants, $810; Stefano Ricci Egyptian cotton shirt and cashmere-and-silk sweater, prices upon request; Salvatore Ferragamo velvet evening shoes, $490; Bulgari Sotirio Calibro 168 18-karat gold watch with alligator strap, $18,000.

Salvatore Ferragamo plaid wool overcoat, price upon request, and leather boots, $1,200; Cesare Attolini wool jacket, $5,950, cotton twill shirt, $565, and cotton tie, $195; Canali cotton pants, $395; Ralph Lauren alligator belt, $920; Ralph Lauren Purple Label eyeglasses, $300; Dolce & Gabbana moleskin newsboy hat, $195; Daniel Roth by Bulgari 18-karat gold watch with alligator strap, $20,500; Tardini brown alligator doctor’s bag, $24,000.

Brunello Cucinelli chambray shirt, $415; Prada cashmere knit vest, $660; Polo Ralph Lauren wool-and-cashmere pants (part of a three-piece suit), $1,995 for the suit, and paisley silk ascot, $135; Ralph Lauren eyeglasses, $230; Fratelli Rossetti laced leather shoes, $610.

Kiton wool stadium coat, $4,895, wool-and-cashmere plaid pants, $795, and cashmere shirt, $1,595; Ralph Lauren Purple Label silk tie, $185, and eyeglasses, $300; Tom Ford crocodile belt with brass buckle, $830, and felt fedora, $750.
 Brioni navy shawl-collared cashmere cardigan, $2,500, Bordeaux cotton windowpane shirt, $595, and cashmere bow tie, $125; Ralph Lauren Purple Label eyeglasses, $300; Bulgari pen in sterling silver and black resin, $400, and vintage platinum watch with alligator strap (not for sale).
Bottega Veneta navy chalk-striped wool jacket, $2,150, pants, $750, and cotton jersey shirt, $480; Ralph Lauren Purple Label eyeglasses, $300; Tom Ford felt fedora, $750.

Photos by Blair Getz Mezibov. Styling by Christopher Campbell. Photographed at Il Salviatino, Florence, Italy.